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Our price 57.10 Eur


Jitka Schovánková
Janovice 68
503 56 p. Hlušice Czech Republic
phone: +420 724 306 366
Skype: jitka.schovankova


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Our price 56.00 Eur
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Reins biothane/super grip. Biothane + covered with anti-slip super grip Length 300 cm     You have the choice of two types of fittings: Chrome has a silver color, is cheaper and less resistant to rust. Brass is more expensive, is stronger, is stainless, only becomes darker eventually. It's possible to purchase addtional equipment in the same color.   A few words about biothane here  Transport
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Jitka Schovánková owner company 4horse


Our main focus is on endurance sports. There is only one reason;

I became completely consumed by horse endurance racing in 2003 and I pursued it ever since.

Me and my horse Mogan finished 3 times the Championship of Czech Republic,

both having the highest performance T and international performance CEI**.

I always place the horse’s comfort ahead of my ambitions.

That is what reassures me that my sensitive approach to my horse partner is the correct way.

I impart my experience and knowledge into all of the goods we craft and work together with

our customers listening to their experiences to produce the best possible products.

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Arabští plnokrevníci: Elpas, majitel Hana Benediktova, Uscat, majitel Dominika Kleinova, Mabruk, majitel Jan Lalik Kalifornie (ČT/Anglický plnokrevník), majitel: K. Abelová Saríh - teplokrevník (Suzi-Herčík), majitel: P. Jadlovský Alex (Arab/klusák) Majitel: M. Perlíková

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