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Cotton mask for repeated use



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Cotton mask for repeated use

Simple disinfection by ironing or washing

The masks have a pocket where you can insert nanofiber filter.
You can find the nanofiber statement at the bottom of the button: Download

Nanofiber Treatment
Under no circumstances should it be washed as this would cause irreversible damage to the nanofiber layer.
It can be repeatedly disinfected with an alcohol solution from 60% upwards.
You can use the disinfection that you already have at home, such as francovka, slivovice or disinfection from the pharmacy.
Ideally, put the solution in a spray container and then apply. This can be repeated over and over again.

Mask Treatment
The mask can lasts on the mouth for two to four hours before moisture seeps through however the timing can be shorter as it depends on how much you talk etc.
Do not forget to wash your hands once you carefully removed the mask (do not touch the outside of the mask, infected droplets may be stuck to it).

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