Terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions


Warranty and delivery terms

Warranty - All products are a subject to warranty for 24 months from the date of sale.
 The goods marked with an expiration date end the warranty by that day.
 The warranty does not apply to a wear and tear caused by its normal usage.

Complaints - Complaint proceedings are conducted under the Consumer Protection Act,
 where the complaint must be settled within 30 days from the filing date of the claim,
 unless there is an agreement between the seller and the consumer.

Delivery terms - ordered goods are delivered within 5 working days for goods which are in stock.
The customer will be informed about the status of the delivery time if otherwise.
 Delivery will take place when we deliver the Products to the address specified in your Order.

Terms and Conditions

The goods can be returned or a replacement requested within 14 days after receiving of the goods
 when purchasing via e-shop. Goods may not be used or damaged and must have original label.
 Adequate refund will be returned in case of damage or wear of the goods upon its return. 
It is not possible to return the goods without an agreement from the manufacturer
 in event that the goods are custom made, as this means the goods are not in stock on normal basis.

The client will be charged a contractual fine of 1000 CZK if not picking up ordered goods from the delivery company.

The client is charged with late payment interest according to Government Order No. 142/1994 Coll.
 as amended by Government Order No. 180/2013 Coll. if invoice is not paid in due date in case of invoice payment.

Procedure for replacement of goods:

In case that the delivered goods do not suit you for any reason and you would like
 to exchange them for others, kindly send the goods back with the enclosed copy
 of the purchase receipt and indicate exactly what you want the goods to be exchanged with.
 The goods must be unused, clean and provided with original labels.

Return Procedure:
You can return the goods without given reason within 14 days after receipt in case
 the goods do not suit you. Goods and the money is also possible to returned
 in case that the order was mishandled from our side. The goods must be unused,
 clean and equipped with original labels. Please also attach the purchase receipt
 and send us your bank account number for the refund purposes.

Please note that the product pictures are only illustrative and may not reflect real appearance of the product itself.



If you choose to pay by bank transfer, we'll send you an invoice to your email address.
The goods will be dispatched after crediting the amount in our bank account.

Carriage possibility
Payment possibility
  +30.00 Eur
  0 Eur
  +16.00 Eur
  +19.00 Eur
  +19.00 Eur
  +22.00 Eur
  +18.00 Eur
  +12.00 Eur
  +22.00 Eur
  +19.00 Eur
  0 Eur
  0 Eur



Warning: The seller reserves the right to change prices for goods delivered from foreign partners. If the price of the goods you order is different,

we will inform you of this change.

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