Biothane Introduction

Biothane is synthetic material . It’s basically a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating. Very similar to leather material. It is also readily available in different colors. Biothane is produced specifically for use under extreme loads and conditions.

Biothane Properties:

  • tensile strength up to 450 kg
  • water, weather conditions, UV radiation, fungus and bacteria resistance
  • abrasion resilience
  • stable properties at high or low temperatures
  • fits and "seated" excellently
  • very well accepted by the animals
  • maintenance - free - we recommend only washing with water

Mostly because of it Biothane is widely used for Endurance Riding - we and YOU do expect high long-term requirements on horse equipment there.

We also do offer products from BETA BIOTHANE -
compared to conventional materials Biothane is Beta more flexible and supple. Since the Beta has a different structure layers during production, is not as resistant to abrasion and water. This material is recommended rather for canine ( cynology ) use.

PETR JADLOVSKÝ, multiple CHAMPION Czech Republic and RIDER OF THE YEAR uses our products! With Mr. Jadlovský are among our customers, other competitors and hobby riders, horse lovers, dog owners and dog-handlers who want their pets enjoy the comfort and quality products.


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White gold WH 101 Yellow transparent  YE317 Yellow mat gold YE101 Orange beta OR235 Orange gold OR315 Pink light beta PK522 Pink beta  PK521 Pink gold  PK311 Red beta RD522 Red gold RD318 Purple light beta PU522 Purple beta VI521 Purple gold VI101 Wine gold VN101 Blue light beta BU521 Blue light gold BU319 Royal blue gold BU318 Blue dark gold  BU101 Turquoise gold TU313 Greene light beta GN529 Greene neon beta GN528 Greene light gold GN318 Petrol beta TE521 Greene dark gold  GN314 Silver gold SI101 Brown beta BR522 Brown gold BR104 Black beta  BL520 Black gold BL101 White super grip WH562 Red  super grip RD562 Brown light  super grip BR561 Brown dark  super grip BR563 Black super grip BL561 Gold reflective rope YE527 Kiwi rope GN526 Pink rope PK522 Red rope RD522 Blue light rope BU521 Greene light rope GN528 Reflective yellow Reflective orange Reflective red

Views and questions VISITORS